cucumber greenhouse Katrina F1 3pcs 1,10
Tomato Złoty Ożarowski 0.5g 1,10

15 in stock


15 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Mid-season hybrid, lettuce. The plant is indeterminate. Leaves of medium length, green color. The inflorescence is simple. Peduncle with articulation. The brushes are flat, aligned, 6-7 homogeneous fruits. The fruit is flat-round, dense, slightly ribbed. The color of the immature fruit is green, the mature fruit is orange. The number of nests is 2-3. Fruit weight – 130 g. Bright characteristic taste of orange tomato. The fruits are soft, juicy and tasty. Very dense, solids content 4.6-5.6 Brix. Preservation of fruits up to 14 days.

Number of seeds in one package: 5 pcs.

Packaged professional seeds.

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