Tomato Country Taste H 10pcs 1,60
Tomato Tolstoi F1 20pcs 0,90

9 in stock


9 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Those who love colorful bright yellow tomatoes will definitely like Zloty Ozarowski. The cold-resistant and drought-resistant variety always bears fruit steadily, pleases with a delicious taste. Indeterminate tall variety. Shoots reach 1.8 m, require pinching and shaping. The maturation period is medium-early – after 95-105 days from germination. The average weight of the fruit is 100-120 g, the color is honey-yellow, the flesh is fleshy, sugary, sweetness prevails over sourness in taste, the skin is strong.

The number of seeds in one package: 0.5g.

Producer: “Pnos”.

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