peas green Utrillo 100gr 1,50
Godetia grandiflora Orange Glory 1g 0,70

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3 in stock

(Cleome) Annual plants 90-150 cm high. The flowers are collected in the final multi-flowered raceme, bloom from the bottom up and the brush is gradually stretched. From the faded flowers, elongated boxes on long stalks directed to the sides are formed. The plant is light and heat-loving, drought-resistant, does not tolerate stagnant water. Propagated by seeds, which are sown on seedlings in the spring (stratification is needed at t 4 ° C) or in open ground before winter. Seedlings appear in two weeks. Care consists in regular weeding, loosening, top dressing, and in dry summers and watering. In the cut is more than 10 days.

Number of seeds in one package: 0,5g.


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