Cucumber Claudine F1 12pcs 1,20
cucumber greenhouse Katrina F1 3pcs 1,10

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4 in stock

(Cucumis sativus) Parthenocarpic variety. Suitable for cultivation, both in open ground and in a greenhouse. Productivity, thanks to strong zavyazyvayemost, high. It is better to grow this culture on a grid or trellis. Plants are open, vigorous, female type of flowering, indeterminate (the growth of the main stem is not interrupted by the flower brush); development of lateral shoots is limited. In one leaf sinus, from 2 to 5 fruits are tied. Leaves are green and medium in size. The main fruiting of the Cybria cucumber is concentrated on the main stem. Fruit is recommended to be collected every day. The recommended fruit length for harvesting is 10-11 cm.

Number of seeds in one package: 15 pcs.

Packer:”Ķirbītis IK”.

Packaged professional seeds.

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