Lagenaria pumpkin SICILIAN SNAKE 5pcs 1,10
Pumpkin NAGYDOBOSI 2g 0,85

4 in stock


4 in stock

(Cucurbita maxima) Ripening period 90-95 days. The plant is climbing, on average forms 2 fruits. The fruits are flat-round. Weight 1.7-2.2 kg, high in sugars, dark green skin and excellent yellow-orange flesh of excellent quality.

Sowing pumpkin for seedlings is carried out on April 25-30, planting in open ground on June 3-6 according to the scheme: 1.5 m between rows and 1.0 m between plants in a row. Pumpkin grows very well on compost heaps, in places with loose, rich in organic matter soil.

Number of seeds in one package:3g.


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