Tomatoes Taiyo F1 (before TI-169 F1) 3pcs 2,30
Tomatoes Rally F1 7pcs 2,40

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7 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Ripening period – 70 days. The plant is well leafy, powerful, has a thick stem, and also has a high growth force. The wide leaf provides good above-ground nutrition. Round fruits, 8 pcs. on the brush, without a green spot. Average weight – 140 gr. Near the stalk there is a knee, which makes it possible to easily remove the fruits from the bush. The tomato is fleshy, elastic, dense, tasty. The fruit is three-chambered, not ribbed, wall thickness 6-8 mm, with a small seed chamber. All ripened fruits are the same size and color. Cristal F1 tomato seeds give a yield of 30-35 kg/m2. Tolerant to spotted wilt virus, verticillium wilt, resistant to Fusarium diseases. The variety is transportable.

Number of seeds in one package: 6 pcs.

Packer:”Agrimatco Latvia”.

Packaged professional seeds.

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