Watermelon Sugar Baby 1g 0,85
Watermelon JANOSIK 0.5g 0,70

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5 in stock

(Citrullus lanatus) From planting seedlings to harvesting 70-75 days. The plant is strong, with long stems and dense foliage. Prefers sandy soils, well-lit and warm places without strong drafts. To improve the taste characteristics, it is recommended to periodically water the plants under the root and use organic and mineral fertilizers. Watermelons Charleston Gray have an elongated cylindrical shape, reminiscent of a large squash. Weight – from 12 to 18 kg. They grow up to 40-50 cm in length, 30-35 cm in diameter. The bark is light green in color, without distinct stripes. The flesh is bright pink, crisp, smooth, juicy and high in sugar. Very tasty and fragrant even after 2-3 months of storage.

Quantity of seeds in one package: 1g.

Manufacturer: Seklos.

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