Rose mallow Silver Cup 1g 0,60
Nemesia red and white 0,2g 1,50

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9 in stock

(Zinnia elegans) Dahlia-shaped zinnia with beautiful flowers 8-10cm. The height of zinnias is ~60 cm. Zinnia seeds are sown in April in seedling boxes; they germinate in 5 – 7 days. They are placed after frost – in a sunny, open place, in nutrient-rich soil at a distance of 25-30 cm. In open ground, zinnia seeds can be sown in flower beds as early as May. It blooms 8–12 weeks after sowing and blooms until autumn. Trimming open flowers will prolong the blooming of zinnias. Suitable for planting in groups and in green areas, as well as for producing cut flowers.

Number of seeds in the package: 0.5g.

Brand: Seklos.

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