Alpine aster mix 0,5g 1,10
Bristlegrass (Setaria) large-leaved 0.2g 0,85

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8 in stock

(Campanula medium L) Biennial plant, height 60-80cm. Sowing is carried out in the summer from May to June. Seeds can be sown immediately in open ground. But when sowing on beds, shoots can drown out weeds. Therefore, it is better to take a container for seedlings. Make sure to make holes in the bottom to drain excess water. Seeds are evenly distributed over the surface of the substrate. A container with crops is placed in comfortable conditions, for example, on a bright summer cottage terrace or in the partial shade of shrubs, but not in direct sunlight. Daily check the condition of the crops, moisten if necessary. Shoots appear after 10-14 days. Seedlings are cared for like any other flowers: watered, weeds removed. It is especially important to moisten the soil in the first time after germination. Seedlings with 3 true leaves can be planted in the ground. Flowering in the second year.

The number of seeds in one package: 0.5g.

Manufacturer: Seklos.

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