Heliotrope MARINE 0.1g 1,10
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6 in stock

(Thunbergia alata) Climbing plant, grows up to 2 meters. Tunbergia is sown in late February or early March. Seeds are sown on the surface of a moistened and compacted substrate, lightly sprinkled with soil. When the tunbergia seedlings grow to 15 cm, pinching the tops is done. This technique will help the formation of side shoots. Tunbergia seedlings will be ready for planting by mid-May. But you should not rush into planting, otherwise the flowers will die at the first frost. Thunbergia prefers a slightly shady place, protected from wind and drafts. The soil for the plant needs light, breathable, not acidic.

The number of seeds in one package: 0.5g.

Manufacturer: Seklos.

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